About Us

Our own journey to discovering the art of ritual and conceiving Kin of Mine (founded by three sisters Elissa, Carly & Meg) was first sparked at Carly’s wedding in 2017. 

Elissa had been exploring ritual concepts and was inspired to create a special ceremony with Carly and her bridesmaids on the eve of the wedding.  The intention was to collectively support, prepare and mark the transition of Carly’s journey from Maiden to Wife.   

To set the scene for the ritual ceremony, Elissa & Meg created a beautiful labyrinth space with crystals, candles and flowers.  After taking part in a collective guided meditation, everyone wrote down well wishes for the bride-to-be and walked the labyrinth, burning and releasing their dreams in the center.  The bride-to-be was the last to walk the labyrinth, burning her own dreams and collecting a large rose quartz crystal from the center (representative of love and relationships) which to this day she keeps by her bedside. It was a powerful and special moment in time shared by Carly’s inner circle of women, that forged a deeper connection between them and an experience they would always remember. 

This experience led to Kin of Mine being founded in 2018 with the intention of inspiring women to live intentional lives through the art of ritual. We offer ritual gift boxes to provide the tools and guide others in bringing ceremony and powerful connection to their own significant life event.

'The ‘Kin’ in Kin of Mine refers not only to our relationship and bond as three sisters, but to a sense of sisterhood amongst all women.  We have the power to support, expand and lift each other up to forge deeper connections.'