Amethyst Gift Box

  • A thoughtful gift for your inner circle of women, perfect for bridesmaids or birthdays. 


    Custom branded box contents includes:


    Crystal Description & Affirmation Card.   A guide to the healing properties of Amethyst. 


    White sage smudge stick.   Used within the ceremony to cleanse the space.  Size: 10cm


    Large Amethyst crystal.  Amethyst is associated with abundance, balance and peace. It is often referred to as ‘the all healer’.   Approx size: 6cm x 4cm


    Box Size:  12cm x 18cm x 7cm


    Important note: The photos pictured are representative of your crystal. Crystals are a natural product, so each crystal is unique with it's own imperfections and will look slightly different in colour, size, clarity & shape. We do our best to ensure every crystal passes a quality check to ensure they're of A-grade quality.


    We do our best to package your crystal safely however some raw clusters can be fragile and potentially chip enroute, please get in touch if it is a significant defect.