Clear Quartz Ritual Gift Box

SKU: CQ001
  • A ritual gift box for the modern goddess, perfect for a ceremony held on the eve of the wedding or bridal shower celebration, to honour and celebrate the bride to be.




    Brass latched timber box with linen wrapped contents includes:


    Ritual cards and ceremonial guide.   Complete step by step instructions to guide you throughout your ceremonial journey, including readings and meditation.  


    Large clear quartz generator.  For the bride-to-be.

    Clear quartz brings clarity of mind and has a positive effect on all chakras. It amplifies energy and thought and is an excellent stone to use for manifestation and clear connection to higher guidance. Approx size: 6cm x 4cm


    4 small clear quartz crystals.  Keepsakes for the bridesmaids. 

    Approx size: 2cm x 2cm


    Signature brass bowl.  Custom etched with the phases of the moon, used throughout the ceremony to burn well wishes.  


    4 offering candles.  Natural wax hand poured candles in terracotta. 


    White sage smudge stick.   Used within the ceremony to cleanse the space.  Size: 10cm


    5 textured paper cards.  For hand writing well wishes



    Box Size:  23cm x 23cm x 8cm


    Important note: The photos pictured are representative of your crystals. Crystals are a natural product, so each crystal is unique with it's own imperfections and will look slightly different in colour, size, clarity & shape. We do our best to ensure every crystal passes a quality check to ensure they're of A-grade quality.

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