Bride to be Gift Box

  • A ritual gift box for the modern goddess, perfect for a ceremony held on the eve of the wedding or bridal shower celebration, to honour and celebrate the bride to be.



    Custom branded gift box contents includes:


    Ritual booklet and ceremonial guide.   Complete step by step instructions to guide you throughout your ceremonial journey, including readings and meditation.  


    Large raw rose quartz.  For the bride-to-be.

    Rose quartz emanates a gentle energy, this pale pink stone is known as the stone of unconditional love. Cultivates self-worth & happy relationships. It helps to open the heart and attracts love on all levels

    Approx size: 6cm x 4cm


    4 small polished rose quartz crystals.  Keepsakes for the bridesmaids. 

    Approx size: 2cm x 2cm


    Signature brass bowl.  Custom etched with the phases of the moon, used throughout the ceremony to burn well wishes.  


    White sage smudge stick.   Used within the ceremony to cleanse the space.  Size: 10cm


    Box Size:  12cm x 18cm x 7cm


    Important note: The photos pictured are representative of your crystals. Crystals are a natural product, so each crystal is unique with it's own imperfections and will look slightly different in colour, size, clarity & shape. We do our best to ensure every crystal passes a quality check to ensure they're of A-grade quality.

    We do our best to package your crystal safely however some raw clusters can be fragile and potentially chip enroute, please get in touch if it is a significant defect.